Checklist Management

This page details the checklist items for all weeks. Make sure you've covered all of these if you're doing a make up lesson.

Weeknumber Item
1 Complete WMFO station tour. (All of this information is in the DJ handbook.)
1 If you don't have a copy, you can download the DJ Handbook and read through it. Paper copies should also be available. There is also a copy in Studio A on the desk and you can download the most recent version on under the resources menu.
1 Make sure you watch the training videos! If you haven't, please do so before your second training session! It will help when it comes time to operate the board.
1 Sign up for all mandatory accounts.
  • Spinitron
  • Spinitron Access Code: NewFreeformer?Awesome!
  • Google Group Staff List -- Please select receive "All Email"
  • Google Group Sub List -- if you don't plan on subbing, you can select digest or online only
  • (If you're interested in joining the Ops team, join the wmfo-ops Google Group. If you're interested in writing for the blog, join the wmfo-bloggers Google Group)
1 Review basic WMFO commandments, as outlined in our

General Policies

  • Don't swear. It's unprofessional.
  • Don't be drunk on air
  • Actually, don't be drunk on air
  • Don't pretend to be drunk on air
  • Don't bring alcohol or drugs into WMFO - there is a zero tolerance policy and you will be expelled after a single infraction
  • Talk to the DJs before and after you to organize transitions - don't walk in to another DJ's hour if they aren't comfortable!
  • No food or drink in Studio A
1 The Pre-Show Check-In Form: it should always be on the computer, along with Spinitron and Shoutcast. It is really important that you fill it out, not only so you get credit for coming to your show but so that we know the condition of the station is good. If anything is wrong with the station (broken equipment, messes, food, anything bad), please indicate this on the form. If it is urgent or especially serious, please email both and
1 When should you do a station ID/PSA? How?
1 Explore Rivendell:
  • Turn Automation On/Off
  • Continuous/Single
  • Searching
  • Playing PSAs
For Instructions, see the Wiki.
1 The Public File is a thing. It may be requested by listeners. It is in the filing cabinet in the lounge, top drawer. The FCC or anyone else may bang on the door and ask for it, and you need to know where it is.
1 Working the board: - what do these buttons do? - what does the fader do?
1 Explore the board in greater detail.
  • Previewing channels
  • Setting Volumes Appropriately
    • See the DJ Handbook for a diagram
    • Turn Laptop volumes up ALL THE WAY!
  • How to preview on the main monitors?
  • How to rearrange items on the board? switching channels?
  • Plugging Things In
See the wiki.
1 Remind DJs to clean the station's surfaces when their show is done.
2 Each trainee should operate the board for a minimum of 15 minutes. (Connect a device to play a song, transition to and from talking on the microphone, and answering a phone call)
2 There are two different phone scenarios:
2 Each trainee must physically answer the phone, talk to it off air, and then put it on air.
2 Guests:
  • They're you're responsibility
2 Ticket giveaway! Every DJ has opportunities to give away tickets on their show. Keep an eye out for emails from our Tickets Coordinator to take advantage of these chances. Encourage your trainees to play new music from the last 12 months! This helps our music department with charting to get WMFO free tickets and to make better connections in the music industry.
2 There are turntables and DJ stuff which can be cool to play with. There are records everywhere. What tips do you have for finding music?
2 Please read over our Note on Card access
2 Subbing: If you can't make your show for whatever reason send a quick note to the sublist. If you will be missing your show for an extended period of time email the programming director. Subbing is a great way to get volunteer hours (cue seamless transition to next checklist item.)
2 VOLUNTEERING! WMFO has a volunteering requirement for all DJ's. You must do 5 hours a semester. Either from Subbing for other DJ's that can't make their shows or volunteer days, your trainer should explain this to you if you have any questions! (If you don't do at least 5 hours, you won't be able to renew your show!!)
2 That's it! If you've attended two sessions, you're set to take the quiz. Your trainer should hand it out and at the end you will go over missed or confusing questions until you're certain you have mastered the Quiz!
3 If you are doing a make-up lesson, go over our checklist items to make sure you have completed them all!